What’s posting delivery?

‘Posting delivery’ is a shipping method of posting directly to a mailbox.

‘Posting delivery(Carrier delivery speed)’ will be available for items within size SS(2.3cm thick, up to 1kg, size A4).

We ask for your understanding in advance that we will not take liability for a shipment by’ Posting delivery (Carrier delivery speed)’ with ‘Delivered’ tracking ID.
*Before inbound process and the size are not yet registered, all items can be specified as posting delivery at Reserve Shipment but if the size was found out to be over size 60 after the inbound process, the shipping method will be changed to carrier delivery automatically.
*Even when posting delivery was specified, if a posting delivery package did not fit due to a number of items or packing condition of a cushioning material like bubble wrap and gift wrapping, the delivery method will be switched to carrier delivery automatically.
*In this case, you will not be notified so please confirm the size at the shipment by ‘Shipment details’ on ’Payment confirmation’ screen.
Besides, you cannot confirm if the item is fit into the delivery package in advance.

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