Do you offer a pickup service at an operation office of the shipping carrier?

Yes we do.
Please make the ‘Shipment request’ following the procedure below.

The procedure for a pickup at an operation office

1. Specify the shipping carrier (Sagawa Express or Yamato Transport) at shipping carrier option on shipment request screen.
    *An additional option charge will be applied for specifying the shipping carrier.
   (!) A pickup at an operation office is available for solely ‘express home delivery’.          

2. Fill in the ‘Zip code’, ‘State/Province’ and ‘address’ field in shipping address information with         the operation office name and address of the shipping carrier that are found online .
    Please be sure to fill in centre code for shipping by Yamato Transport.
    *As we do not offer ‘Picking up at an operation office for when the consignee is absent’, fill in            ‘address’ field at shipping address information only with the office address.

3. Fill in ‘Name’, ‘Telephone number’ field at shipping address information with the consignee’s          details.

Please bear in mind, we may not be able to carry through ‘shipment request’ that does not meet the requirements above.

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