Can I specify arrival date and time?

Yes you can for free of charge. (For the item size 60 or more)

  • Not available for posting delivery.
    Check ‘Carrier delivery’ on ‘Shipping service’ if you wish to specify arrival date/time.
  • Not available for shipment to Okinawa/remote islands.

Please note that even if the time was specified, it is possible that the delivery is delayed for items consigned to corporations /due to the circumstance of shipping carrier.

To specify 12pm~2pm, please opt to ‘Sagawa Express’ by shipping carrier option. The option to specify the time with Sagawa Express is only available for shipment to individuals.

* An additional option charge will be applied for specifying the shipping carrier.
*When the date is specified we ship according to the date and as a result the shipment may operate from the following day even though the request was made before 12:30pm.

Setting Method


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