Can I specify the sipping carrier?

When shipping by ‘Carrier delivery’, you can specify ‘Sagawa Express’ or ‘Yamato Transport’.

Shipping carrier can be specified by [Other Setting] on [Shipment Request] Screen.
* An additional option charge will be applied for specifying the shipping carrier.
* When items are picked up at an operation office, please always specify the shipping carrier.

Please note, for shipping of large item(size140-160), posting delivery (size SS), C.O.D. and shipment to Okinawa/ remote islands, the shipping carrier cannot be specified.

・  Shipping of large item (size140-160) : Yamato Transport

・  Posting delivery (size SS) : Yamato Transport

・  C.O.D. : Yamato Transport

・  Okinawa/ remote islands: Yamato Transport

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