How can I confirm if my item has been shipped?

You can confirm the status of your shipment request on ‘Status’ after going to [Shipment Request] > [Requesting].

’Status’ updates anytime in accordance with work statuses as follow.

Status Details


Work Status


The status of being on standby for the requests taken in at 9:00 and 12:30 on weekdays/Saturday.


The status of when waiting for arrival of the lacking items that are supposed to ship.


The status of when carrying out a picking operation at the warehouse after the request is taken in.


The status of when carrying out a packing work after the picking operation is completed.


The status of carrier pick-up after the items are packed.


‘Pending’ is ticked on the shipment request.
Shipment operation for this shipment request will be hold with this status.

Requesting correction

The status of being in the process of correction at the warehouse based on the correction request.

Once carrier pick-up is completed, the shipment request will shift from [Requesting] to [Shipment History].

You can confirm the status of your shipping by click on ‘Tracking ID’ of the applicable shipment request after going to [Shipment History].
*Confirmation of shipment status may not be available immediately after a carrier pick-up due to the timing of data update by shipping carrier. If that is the case please try again after a while.

Confirmation Method

Before carrier pick-up



After carrier pick-up


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