Step2. Consigning your item to Openlogi

To consign your item to Openlogi, you will have to make an ‘In-stock request’ for your item on the management screen and ship the item to Openlogi warehouse.

Making an in-stock request

Proceed your request to warehouse your item on [In-Stock Request] screen.

①Click on [In-Stock Request].

②Select your in-stock item, click [Input the Quantity to Warehouse].
*Multiple items can be selected.

③Input ‘In-stock quantity’, ‘Inspection type’ and ‘Scheduled inbound date’ then click [Making an       In-Stock Request].

(i) In case the item to consign to Openlogi exceeds 200 in quantity, please make sure to input          ‘Scheduled inbound date’ of the item.
    * ‘Scheduled inbound date’ can be specified on a warehouse business day as of 2 days after            the  date the in-stock request was made.
    *You can input ‘Scheduled inbound date’ after making an in-stock request too.

④ Once your in-stock request was made, ‘In-stock ID’ and ‘In-stock Label / Detailed Statement’        for managing the item at Openlogi warehouse will be issued.
    Please be sure to download the ‘In-stock Label / Detailed Statement’ beforehand as you need it      when shipping your item to Openlogi warehouse.
    * How to use ‘In-stock Label / Detailed Statement’ is to be explained in the next section.

‘In-stock label / Detailed statement’ displays /can be downloaded on the in-stock request detail screen.
⑤The created in-stock request can be checked and edditable / cancellable on [Requesting]               screen by the time of the arrival to the warehouse.

Shipping your item to Openlogi warehouse
Packing and shipping your item to the warehouse after making its in-stock request.

① Pack your item to ship after sorting it into the state which can assist the warehouse team to          distinguish.
    Please use ‘Sorting label’ attached to [In-stock Label / Detailed Statement] to sort items.
    *Items which cannot be distinguished at the warehouse will have to be handled as                         ‘Unknown item’.

Sorting label Sample

How to sort your items

  • For warehousing multiple SKU, Pack per SKU separately.
  • Affix ‘Sorting label’ to each sorted SKU package.

(!) You will need to pay attention when packing the following items so please always check the contents of your item to be consigned.

②Put you item in a packing material such as a cardboard box.
   When you pack you item, include ‘In-stock detailed statement’ on [In-Stock Label/Detailed           Statement].

  In-stock detailed statement Sample

How to pack


When your items require multiple boxes to ship, please pack according to our rule.

(i) Only items will be warehoused. Shipping cardboard box used for packing, cushioning material  and detailed statement will be disposed.
    * In case, a disposal cost for a cushioning material such as styrene foam incurs, the disposal           fee will be additionally charged.

③ Affix ‘In-stock label’ found on [In-Stock Label/Detailed Statement] to ‘the upper surface’ and          ‘the side’ of a box.  
The address of the destination warehouse is listed on [In-Stock Label /Detailed Statement].

(!)We affiliate with multiple warehouses so please always confirm the destination warehouse              address before shipping.

In-Stock Label /Detailed Statement  Sample

 How to affix in-stock label


(i) In the case of being unable to affix ‘In-stock label’ to the box due to a shipment directly from        the maker and manufacturer to Openlogi, please pack your item following our rule.

(!)We could not deal with items arrived by the delivery method without face to face receipt for          example, posting delivery as well as C.O.D.
   *Since we could not receive items delivered by a posting delivery or C.O.D. at the warehouse,        the items arrived with those service will have to be returned to the sender.

④ Once your shipped item arrived, in-stock process for the item is carried out.
It takes maximum 1~2 business days except the inbound day to complete an in-stock process.
   *Click here for our measure for weekend / Golden Weeks etc.

You can confirm requests whose in-stock process was completed on [In-Stock History] screen.
Those requests will be also registered on [Stock] > [Shippable stock] screen.

(i) When an in-stock process was failed with the reasons for instance, the in-stock request could         not identified, the item could not be distinguished or had a fault, the item will be registered as       ‘Pending stock’. Additional processes are necessary for the item and box registered as a                 pending stock.

This is all for how to consign your item to Openlogi.

Openlogi Start Guide

Step1. Registering your product information
Step2. Consigning your item to Openlogi
Step3. Shipping your item from Openlogi

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