Can I enter a logo on my detailed statement?

Yes you can, by registering at [Client Master Setting] after going to [Setting] > [Shipping Information].

Available file formats for uploading are JPG/PNG, 740px X 200px size.

* Detailed statement will be black and white print.

Since registration of multiple client masters is available, you can register various logos to match with each shop.
*In the case of using the same logo for more than one master, please register the logo with per master. Without the registration, the field will be blank.

Setting Method
Click on [Correction] under the master the logo is to register with, at [Client Master Setting] after going to [Setting] > [Shipping Information].
When ‘Client change’ screen displays, you can set your logo at ‘Detailed statement logo’ field.

The state of a logo being registered with client master
Once registered, the logo displays on ‘Client master setting’.

Detailed statement with a logo Sample
A sample of detailed statement can be checked by clicking [Detailed Statement Preview] on ‘Client master setting’.

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