I can’t log in ‘Openlogi support’

‘Openlogi support (Frequently asked questions)’ is a separate service from your usual ‘Openlogi’ service.
For that reason the password for ‘Openlogi’ cannot be used.

However ‘Openlogi support’ and inquiries are available without logging in to our service.

About ‘Openlogi support’

‘Openlogi support’ is a service helps you to check out the history and status of your inquiries sent to us.
Please make good use of the service to confirm the contents of your past inquiries or the status of your ongoing inquiry.

Please note you will have to create a separate ‘Openlogi support’ account.
*If your history shows there are your inquiries sent to us, your email address will be automatically registered with ‘Openlogi support’ so please complete only ‘Password setting’.  


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