What’s ‘Client master’?

It is a function which enable you to preset client information and a message to the buyer that will be seen on a ‘Delivery slip-cum- Included detailed statement (Receipt)’ included in a box at the shipment as well as client information (sender information) and the like seen on a shipping slip.

Once ‘Client master’ was prepared, client information etc.will be input automatically just by selecting those details from the master while making a shipment request.
View the setting method at the time of making a shipment request.

The contents of an account information is registered with ‘Client master’ by default, still as the contents are editable and creating multiple masters is available, you will be able to customize sender information or your message on a detailed statement for each shop.

*On ‘Client master setting’, ‘Detailed statement logo’, ‘Detailed statement message’ ‘Shipment notice message’ and ‘Contact details’ which is to be on an included detailed statement can be set all together.
* Without the registration, the field will be blank. Even if masters share the same content, still register the content with per master.

Setting Method

  1. Select [Setting] > [shipping Information] > [Client Master Setting].
  2. Select either ‘Correction’ or ‘New registration’.
  3. Input necessary information and click on ‘Save’.
  4. The sample of a detailed statement can be checked by ‘Detailed statement preview’.


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