Can I dispose shippable stock?

When disposal for stored item is in need, make the request by the following procedures.


  1. Make in-stock request for the item to dispose.
    *We will count value of the in- stock request in minus so as to adjust number of the stock after the disposal.


  1. Enter the number of item to dispose in quantity of in-stock request field.


  1. Select `Openlogi ProductID` for the Inspection type.


  1. After making the in-stock request for the item to dispose, fill in Special purpose form then contact our customer support team.


*Once a disposal request is made, it cannot be canceled.
*It usually takes 1~2 business days to complete disposal operation.



Regarding to the disposal charge,

  • Disposal request charge : 200 yen
  • Picking charge based on the size and quantity of the item

In addition to the charges above, an industrial waste charge may apply depending on the size, material and quantity of the item.


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