What should I do for my pending stock?

Please follow the process below by selecting the applicable item at ‘Pending stock’ on inventory check screen.

Processing method of pending stock

  1. You can see causes of pending at ‘Cause of Pending ’. For those pending types, `Unknown box`, `Unknown at in-stock` and `Damaged at in-stock` the image shows at the entry of `Product name` so please confirm likewise.
    Please make sure that you check the image as multiple images could have been registered.
  2. Click on areas apart from the image to display `Change it to shippable stock`, `Return` and `Dispose `button.
    Multiple pending stock items can be checked at once.



The processes
Change the item to shippable stock

The item will be treated as shippable stock for in-stock operation.
*It takes around 2 business days to reflect on the stock screen.
*It may take longer than 2 business days during the peak season for our warehouse and when the number of inbound items is over 200.

  • For unknown items

   Input the relevant `ProductID` then select ` Change it to shippable stock`.
   In case the item has not yet registered, please complete the product registration.

  • For unknown boxes

   Input the relevant `In-stockID` then select ` Change it to shippable stock`.
   Contents of box can be searched by the invoice number etc. on the attached image.
   In case the in-stock request has not yet made, please complete the request。
   *In-stockID for the item already went through the in-stock operation is unable to use so    please make your new in-stock request.

  • For damaged items at in-stock
    Select ` Change it to shippable stock`.

To return

Your registered address is set as the return address by default.
Should you change the return address, please alter the mandatory fields.

After confirming the address, select` Return` again.
The type will be altered to `Return` and the shipment request will be made.

You can edit that information during the shipment request.
See if you need attached papers for return etc.
*Number of the shipment item cannot be changed.

To dispose

Then the confirmation screen shows, select `Dispose` once again, after confirming that all information shown are correct.
*Even if dispose request was canceled, the item could have been already disposed and we do not make a compensation for the case.

In addition, an industrial waste charge may apply as well as the disposal request charge.



To make an inquiry regarding pending stock

Before proceeding the processes above, please contact us from `Contact us` in case you have inquiries about pending stock or require procedures other than the ones shown above.
Likewise, contact us from [Special Purpose Form] under `Cause of pending`, when a set of items is in need.






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