I received emails with titles like ‘ Damaged stock has been registered at the in-stock operation’ and ‘Unknown box registration ‘

In the event that there are items as described below among inbound items, Openlogi notifies our users by email.

Damaged stock has been registered at the in-stock operation’
In the event that damaged, stained and defective items are detected at in-stock inspection, we notify our users by email.

‘Unknown item has been registered’
We notify our users in case their item was not specified.

  • The product ID was not specified. – Items without its stick-on sorting label etc.
  • Items that have not been sorted and unable to specified.

Unknown box registration’
When we fail to specify a box, – e.g. cardboard box from the sender, we will notify our users.

  • In-stockID is not listed on the cardboard box.
  • The listed in-stockID can not be confirmed.
    • The in-stock request has not yet made, been deleted.
    • In-stockID of the item shows that the in-stock process was already completed.

For the details of the handling methods see ‘How can I handle my pending stock?

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