Let me know the sizes of the cardboard box used at shipment.

Here is the list of the size of cardboard box for shipping.


 Outer size (LengthxWidthxHeight)


210mm × 150mm × 80mm
270mm × 180mm × 130mm
270mm × 230mm × 80mm
310mm × 220mm × 46mm


311mm × 231mm × 245mm
371mm × 261mm × 148mm
386mm × 273mm × 99mm


456mm × 336mm × 186mm
500mm × 330mm × 100mm
345mm × 300mm × 300mm


331mm × 241mm × 319mm
386mm × 274mm × 279mm
456mm × 336mm × 186mm
456mm × 336mm × 279mm
590mm × 390mm × 200mm
590mm × 390mm × 100mm


601mm × 401mm × 249mm
616mm × 416mm × 364mm
651mm × 411mm × 259mm

*The sizes shown above are outer sizes and the inner sizes are a few mm smaller.
*Size of cardboard box for shipping cannot be specified.

Items are shipped with materials with an appropriate size. Still according to the shape of item, the packing style of bubble wrap and gift wrapping some item could be packed with a relatively large package for the registered item size.

As for shipping charge, the charge cannot be confirm in advance since it is settled based on the size and number of cardboard box once the item is packed.

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