Which category should I register?


Category means type of the product which is listed on the invoice at shipment.
Since it is essential information for the shipping carrier to identify the contents and make sure that they properly handle items, the appropriate category is required to register to let the delivering driver be aware of the contents.   

As the contents of items registered with unspecified category like, ‘miscellaneous goods’, ‘commodity’ or product symbols cannot be identified and may not be able to dispatch, please make sure that a specific category was registered.


Categories unable to ship

  • Described as e.g. ‘miscellaneous goods’, ‘category’, ‘precision instruments’ and ‘others’.
  • Alphanumeric character which is your unique management number or code.
  • Word s that do not indicate type of the product like, individual product name.
  • Information unrelated to the contents such as ‘XX Corporation ‘, ‘Ordered item’

*Categories that currently Openlogi cannot accept


The category example

The following is examples of typical categories that we request our customers to alter.

Unshippable Category Example


The Altered Category Example


Battery charger

Consumer electronics



Wristwatch band

Fan’s goods



Brush case





Electronic component

 Smartphone strap


Strengthening of our check-out procedure for category

Openlogi has been devoting ourselves for continuous improvement in collaboration with affiliated companies so that the shipping carrier can safely transport your items.

As a part of such efforts, we decided to implement strengthening of our check-out procedure and description rule for category listed on the invoice.


Categories that currently Openlogi does not accept

  • Miscellaneous goods
  • Small article
  • Stock
  • /Mrs./Miss/Ms
  • Commodity
  • Merchandise
  • English letter only
  • Numbers(0~9) only
  • Symbols only(-,+,@etc)only
  • Substitute
  • Resend item
  • Product
  • Purchase
  • Sample product
  • Return item
  • Requested item
  • Hobby item
  • Unknown item
  • Damaged item
  • Customer
  • Customer’s order
  • Ordered item
  • Request
  • Onward
  • Reward
  • Price
  • Consumable item
  • Goods                                          

We may alter some categories without notice even though they were excluded from the list above. if it was thought to be inappropriate for the shipping carrier to carry out their operation. We kindly ask for your understanding.

  • We may rewrite categories those which are merely name of the make and proper noun to the generic term.
  • We may add some note to the category if lithium-ion battery, flammable gas and other hazardous materials were clearly included/or not included.

Furthermore, we may contact you to confirm the contents of your item when the item possibly includes hazardous materials such as buttery and flammable gas still does not list the condition and also when your item’s category was not identified by its product name and image and we find it difficult to set the appropriate category.

In this case the shipping on the day will be not guaranteed but please be understanding of this matter. -Contact our customer support team should you have difficulty to decide which category to set.

For items require a special attention to listing their category in terms of privacy protection issue please ask our customer support team for advice. 

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