What’s included article?

This is an optional service to include promotional materials such as flyer, thank you letter and warranty in the box of item at the time of packing.
*We will contact you in case the included article was not suitable to include.

Unlike regular items, in-stock process and storage fee for included article are free of charge and those articles cost 8yen each to be included at the shipment process. However, articles such like the following cannot to be handled as included articles.

  • Chargeable items
  • Items need to be counted – given on a first‐come‐first‐served basis, the item which is must be included etc.
  • Items require compensation for the loss or damage.

Included articles are not subjected to inspection/ number inspection. Since included article’s quantity is supposed to match with quantity of the in-stock request, it may not be the same as its actual stock amount.

In the case of stock shortage of included article, it will not be packed and we do not notify you, so please be aware of the number of included article.

Likewise, please utilize Replenishment Setting Function which sends you an email alert when the stock is run out.                                                    

*Quantity of stock shown is base on the in-stock/shipment request but as for included article, it      may not be the same as its actual stock amount.
*When performing replenishment setting for included article, please allow enough quantity to set.


Registration method for included article

  1. Open [New Registration] after selecting [Product Master]
  2. Check [Included Article] under [Adding Registration Field]
    At the same time, [Image] option will be checked automatically
  3. Upload the image of the included article to ’Image’ then click on [Save]


You can register up to 5 included articles.

For the registration of more than 6 articles, set the included article with 0 stock as non-display.

To find out the shipment method of included article click here.

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