Can you wrap my item with cushioning material?

Yes we can. You can specify bubble wrap or air pillows by checking the required boxes at ‘Other settings’ >’ Cushioning material setting’ on [Shipment Request] screen.
For the price of our cushioning material, check the price list.

Specialized plain woody paper is normally used as a cushioning material by Openlogi.
Without this setting, Openlogi do not operate anti-shock wrapping for items in our own judgment, accordingly we recommend specifying the material at the shipment of fragile items.
* Fragile item not specified as fragile and its cushioning material will not be compensated in the event of a shipping accident.

Bubble wrap
We can wrap items in bubble wrap either per ‘Product unit’ or ‘Order unit’.
‘Double bubble wrap’ is available.
By selecting ‘Product unit’ per item will be wrapped.
By selecting ‘Order unit’ items in a box will be wrapped altogether.

Air pillows Packing
We pack air pillows between a cardboard box and an item.
Only ‘Order unit’ is available with this packing.

* Items are shipped with materials with an appropriate size. Still according to the shape of item, the packing style of bubble wrap and gift wrapping some item could be packed with a relatively large package for the registered item size.
As for shipping charge, it cannot be confirm in advance since it is settled based on the size and number of cardboard box once the item is packed.

Setting Method



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