Up to how many items in one go can I make in-stock request?

Our quantitative restriction for each customer at the inbound operation is 1000 at a time.
In case your items’ quantity exceeds the limit, contact our customer support team for advice.

If your items go beyond 25 SKU at a time, please make multiple in-stock requests.
If that is the case, please make in-stock request one box each or when you include more than one in-stock request in a box, please sort each in-stock request so that it can be distinguished when unpacked.

Please note that in-stock operation takes extra time under these circumstances such as quantity of the items is over 200 or over 20 items with greater than 100 size. Besides we would like you to make your in-stock request filling in `Scheduled inbound date` on in-stock request screen 1 week ~3 days prior to the scheduled inbound date.
We kindly ask for your cooperation.
*The items could be refused when we did not receive the advance notice from the requester.

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