Which inspection type should I choose?

We recommend ‘Openlogi Product ID

When you chose ‘Openlogi Product ID’, print out ‘Sorting label’ on in-stock detailed statement available in the PDF output and stick the label on sorted item.
See ‘Are there any points to be aware at in-stock request? for methods of the attachment.

Additionally ‘Openlogi product label’ is an inspection method that our customers attach barcode, which we use at in-stock process, to each of their items.

Regarding the rest of inspection types, as long as relevant details for the chosen inspection type are listed on the actual item and properly registered in openlogi system, the item will be inspectable.

If an item failed to be specified at inspection, it will be registered as Unknown item and take extra time before shipping. Please take notice to that point.

Inspection types and methods

Inspection Type

Inspection Method

‘Product Name’ Inspection

An inspection which is proceeded by product name specified at the in-stock request and listed on the item or the outer case.

Please note item could not be specified when the language of the product name at in-stock request and on the package differ e.g. Japanese and English.

‘Original ID’ Inspection

An inspection which is proceeded by your original code registered at the product registration.

‘Barcode’ Inspection

An inspection which is proceeded by your original JAN code (JAN13).

‘Barcode’ needs to be input at product registration to opt for this inspection type.

‘Product Image’

As this is an inspection method with a heavy inspection load, it may take longer time to complete the in- stock process.

Due to the difficulty in judging, there are cases that fail to find where to specify. The method will be used only for items which anyone can specify such as simple color variation lineup.

Please note that in most cases, on apparel make’s putting-on clothes image, the item cannot be specified with image inspection.


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