How long would in-stock operation take?

In-stock operation takes generally 1~2 business days except the inbound day.
Please refer to Tracking ID of your parcel for the inbound day.
Saturday is not counted as a business day to perform in-stock process therefore the inbound items on Saturday will have in-stock process on the following business day as inbound items on the day.
We notify completion of in-stock operation by email.

Boxes missing their in-stock ID, items not specified by the inspection type or included without the request and inbound items spotted their damage are all will be registered as ‘pending stock’ and required additional process to complete the in-stock operation.

If in-stock operation was not completed after 2 business days except the inbound day, the item is possibly registered as ‘Totally unknown box’ with an unspecified user.
In case you did not receive our notification for the completion of in-stock operation, fill in the following articles on special purpose form then contact our customer support team.

  • Applicable in-stock ID
  • Shipping carrier
  • Tracking ID

*When a box is found out to be ‘totally unknown box’ the storage charge will apply retroactively from the inbound day.

Please contact us in advance in case quantity of your items is over 200 or over 20 with greater than 100 size as the in-stock operation takes extra time.

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