Will you accept items sent from manufacturers?

In the case of shipping your item from the manufacturer, please confirm with them if they can go through our regular process before shipping.
If they are not able to do so, please list ‘Openlogi . User ID (In-stock ID :   )’in the addressee column.

For instance, when user ID is ‘BU003’, in-stock ID is ‘BU003-W0019’, list ‘Openlogi . BU003 (In-stock ID: BU003 - W0019) ‘so as to specify your in-stock request ID for the in-stock operation.
Besides when more than one item are in a box, please sort them for us to make us able to identify each item when open the box.

Please note that we do not accept direct bringing in by indivisuals.

If you have a large quantity of items, contact our customer support team in advance.

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