Shipment request

Please make a request after selecting shipment items on [Shipment Request] screen and inputting the required information.

Shipment operation is carried out on the day for requests received by 12:30pm that day and for requests received after this time, the operation carries out on the next working day.
Once shipment process is done, we notify the requester by emails.

Due to an excess of shipment requirement, there would be cases of pending and the shipping on the day maybe difficult. We kindly ask for your understanding.

Once a requesting shipment list is taken in, amendable entries of the list will be limited. To avoid this, please double check before making your shipment request. – Requesting shipment details are taken in at 9am and 12:30pm each day.

Furthermore, please contact our customer support at least 30minutes before your shipment request is taken in should the shipment requires additional operations such as processing and inspection.
Please note depending on the contents of your request, delivery on the day is not guaranteed.

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