Can you temporarily pay tariff on item?

Yes we can.
Please be sure to contact our customer support team in advance should the amount is 20000 yen and above. In the event that we still did not hear from you, we may refuse to take the parcel.
See Price list for the commission.

When you make the request, please make sure that on in-stock request screen ‘Tracking ID’ at the inbound stage is filled in.
Please also list the name or the company’s name registered with us as the importer on tariff papers.
In the event that our affiliated logistics operators or our firm were listed as the consignee on an import document, we may refuse to take the parcel.

We do not go through customs procedures on behalf of our customers. What we correspond to under this circumstance is limited to only temporal payment on tariff at arrival of the item. Accordingly please carry out the customs procedures for your item by yourself.

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