How can I delete registered items?

Items can be deleted at the product registration stage.
To delete an item, go to [Product Master]> [Product list] and select the item then click on ‘Delete this item’ at the bottom of the page.

‘Delete this item’ button will not show once in-stock/shipment request is made.
If that is the case, you could hide the item instead of deleting.

To hide an item, go to [Product Master]> [Product Setting]> [Non-Displayed Item Setting], and select the item then click on ‘Non-display’ bottom.

The non-displayed item moves to [Non-Displayed Item List], and will not show on in-stock request, stock list and shipment request screen.

The registered information of non-displayed item will be still kept. As you cannot register new item with the product name, original ID etc. of non-displayed item, if you wish for new item registration using those details, please correct the information of the non-display product. 

*You cannot set non-display for an item under in-stock/shipment request or having its stock at the warehouse. Please set the function after deleting those requests or when the stock is cleared after operating its shipment or disposal process.

Deleting items


Hiding items








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